1. Work continues on a massive project recently renamed Detroit transect – which dissects a nearly seven mile line through Detroit, largely along the line of Brush Street, which we’ve captured from car and from helicopter, as well as on foot and in related historical archives. The project comprises both an immersive installation and an interactive online site that maps, evokes, and reflects a cross-section of the complex urban space of Detroit. We recently compiled a well-illustrated interim report, which provides a thorough explanation of the project’s methods and goals. The first outcome of the project was a 15 minute 3D film Circling Detroit, which premiered in our MoMA show (see below). Detroit transect was initiated as part of OpenEndedGroup’s 2012-13 Roman J. Witt Artists in Residency at the University of Michigan and has received considerable further support from the Knight Foundation.

  2. Our investigations into new forms of cinema continue. Our emphasis is on marrying filmmaking with algorithmic processes that can aid us in matching patterns across vast bins of moving image sequences and in creating new nonphotorealistic renderers for 3D camera-derived footage.

  3. Ongoing research at EMPAC/RPI seeks to extend Field for use in visualizing huge data-sets on a variety of large-scale displays. This is a collaboration of Marc Downie with Johannes Goebbel and Christopher Carothers.



  1. Saccades is the second 3D film to result from our recent residency at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, where it premiered on 6 March 2014. The music was composed by Downie & Kaiser with Tom Chiu.

  2. Linked Verse is a piece for music theater that explores the gaps and the overlaps between Japanese and Western ways of being. It premiered at Bing Hall on December 7 2013. A collaboration with composer Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, it featured two musicians: cellist Maya Beiser and shō player Ko Ishikawa. It was commissioned by Stanford University to help inaugurate its new Bing Concert Hall, and is co-produced by Beth Morrison Productions.

  3. MoMA featured six new and recent 3D films in a “Modern Monday” presentation on November 11. Two were premieres: Circling Detroit and the 3D version of All Day. The other four were Loops, plant, Knight´s Rest, and All Sides of the Road. In addition, the museum screened our earlier and longest 3D film: Upending .

  4. All Day opened at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on October 10th, where it has taken the same form as After Ghostcatching there – both on the enormous outdoor LED Oculus and in the five-screen indoor installation. A separate 3D version of All Day was screened at MoMA – see above.)

  5. Knight´s Rest, premiered on October 3 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. This five-minute 3D film is the first artwork to emerge from our museum residency there; it features a piano score composed and performed by Jaroslaw Kapuscinski.

  6. Becoming at the Wellcome Collection in London was part of the Thinking with the Body exhibition, where it ran live from September 15 through October 27 2013. The work is a real-time, artificially intelligent response to a database of all the abstracted movements in a feature-length Hollywood film. It was used by British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s in his London studio as an “eleventh dancer” whose role was to instigate new ideas for McGregor and his Random Dance company as they created a new work. Becoming was created by Marc Downie in collaboration with Nick Rothwell.


  1. The Encircling Self: In Memory of Maryanne Amacher, a long reflection by Kaiser, has been published in the January 2014 issue of PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art. (An early draft of the text was once previewed on this site.)

  2. The final White Paper for Proximity Fuse may be downloaded here.The lengthy report outlines our prototype for a new form of documentary and incluces contains the complete storyboard/script for the first of its three envisioned sections. Our subject is the origins of present-day technology in War World Two and the Cold War, as enacted in the career of Iowa astrophysicist James A. Van Allen. Funded with a chairman’s grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

  3. We’ve redesigned and published a new version of Creative Collaboration for the iPad; released under a Creative Commons license, it may be downloaded for free from the iTunes store here or seen as a pdf. The work, which draws upon our long experience in collaboration and offers concise and startling rules of thumb arranged in complementary pairs, was commissioned by the Finnish Innovation Fund, which put out its own print-on-demand version late in 2012.